Are you Safe?

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No, I’m not asking you if you are Saved at least not at the moment. Is your family and yourself safe? Do you have enough non-perishables put away for even a few weeks, just in case of more lockdowns?
Myself, I don’t feel the vaccine is going to be the “cure-all” as they don’t even know how long it’ll last in our systems before we need the shots again. There are still quite a few unanswered questions. I’m not to keen on getting the vaccine, but I still might, in any case mainly because I’m sure I had a mild case of the Covid-19 flu near end of February, before anybody knew much about it and I’m trying to build my immune system a bit by not getting anymore flu shots. I have increased my Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium (not medical advice) since Vitamin D seems to be lacking in many COVID-19 patients. I know many of you are looking forward to the time that the Vaccine (as it is now trickling out) is going to be available so maybe your lives can have some kind of normal brought back to them. It’ll be nice not having to wear masks everywhere.
We try and do some precautions by staying home more than going out, but we were doing that anyways. Except when my wife drags me out kicking and screaming to the grocery store…I hate shopping. lol Except when I’m by myself…the buggy gets loaded really fast with all kinds of things we really needed, honest. lol. Well cookies are a whole food, aren’t they?
Back to keeping your family safe, every province has a program to help people that are struggling through these Covid-19 times, but there is more help out there for most of us other than that. Look to your Provincial ministry programs, or if you are a senior, a senior centre for directions to nearby help…you don’t need to go at it alone. If you still can’t find help email me at and I will search the net for you to find what I can. (sorry only available in Canada) You don’t need to send me a real name, just an approx. age, the kind of help you need just to give me an idea what to look for, and I’ll send you back what I find. It’ll be up to you to apply as I won’t be able to help with that. (no charge) I’ve looked up a few programs for family members so might be able to at least get you on the right track, anyway.
Whether you’ve lost your job, or your hours have been cut back or just worried about what’s happening in the world these days, we all have our struggles from time to time. If you just want to chat, drop me an email, I’m at:

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