Some Babies, Children and Adults are being Freed from Pedophile Rings…

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Some Babies, Children and Adults are being freed from pedophile rings, but that’s just scraping the surface. We may think, those are just people from poorer countries, their parents sold their kids for drugs or something, well that’s too bad for them. In 2018, 42,000 children were reported missing in Canada. Most of those cases were resolved, but 27 of them the children were abducted by strangers. Of the approx. 460,000 of all age groups of people that go missing in the US, approx. 90,000 are not found. (at time of writing I couldn’t get a breakdown of children and adults in these stats) Put yourself in their place. It is happening all over the world.

When I think about the number of babies and children sold into these rings…the adults too, but mostly the young ones, their innocence taken away. I hope the Lord will take away any remembrance of what happened to them, for their sakes. The pain the Lord must feel each time one of these young souls is taken by Satan’s minions and tortured in such a way. Satan is truly evil.

Pray for those that have been taken that they are found safe, and for their families, that they may be re-united. (some that were taken don’t even know who their families are) One group of former law enforcement officers from the US that are working world-wide with other law enforcement groups to bring down these rings is called, Operation Underground Railroad or “O.U.R.” for short. They not only rescue these kids, but they have programs set up for the people they rescue to re-introduce them back into society and give them counselling, as many have spent all their young lives in these prisons and have known nothing else.

OUR is one such group that rescues children worldwide.

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