2021 Multiplayer Game of the Year

You may never have heard of this multi-player game, but it is played by millions of people the world over. This game far exceeds the games like ‘WOW’, ‘PoE’ and even ‘CoD: Warzone’, in fact, it exceeds any game you’ve played in the past or will play in the future. It has everything…good versus evil, weapons, rewards along the way through the game, simple rules to follow, it has different levels depending on your ability, plus you yourself participate in the game. You can play as a single player, although it’s best to play with a group. The longer you play the stronger you get, plus you’ll be given a path and a companion to help you along the way. The final reward when you win this game can’t be taken away from you.
Of course, what I’m talking about isn’t a game at all, this is called “Your Life”. But the other online and offline games we play, are some of the ways we waste our lives and that is what Satan wants us to do. This is your life, gain the final reward of eternal life and don’t let Satan win at the “Game of Your Life”. If you would like to learn how to become a Christian contact me below or if you’d like to play the “Game of Your Life” start by praying this prayer…

“Dear God, I believe in you and that your Son, Jesus Christ, is Lord. I believe in His sacrifice for my sins and His resurrection from the dead. I repent and ask forgiveness for my sins and I’m deciding now to follow you. Please, come into my life through the gift of your Holy Spirit. It is in the Lord Jesus’ name that I ask and receive, Amen.”

If you’ve prayed this prayer or would like more information, contact me at … thevoiceofhimcrying@gmail.com and I will help you with your walk with the Lord. Gus

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