Just Ordinary Folks

We’re just ordinary folks, we have our hardships, our pain, our sickness and we have our needs. One of our needs is to be around family and friends, like other ordinary folks. Of course, these times of Covid-19 have kind of squelched that a bit, but there are still ways to communicate with each other. Families need to stay together even if, Uncle Ralph drinks too much or Gramma Freda smokes those funny cigarettes. If you have a Christian in your family, don’t worry…it’s not catchy, we can’t make you one, it’s a choice. We’re just ordinary folks.

Published by Gus

I'm retired, always have to be doing something. Have been working on computers since about 1986...I guess that should be playing those days. Did a fair bit of desktop publishing in the 90's through the 2015's and finished off with web building. Took a few courses, built 5 or 6 small business sites in our town and did maintenance on them while working at my paper.

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