Hiding in the Open

I don’t usually like basing a blog on someone else’s information, but I feel this is too important to leave alone. I’ve heard some of these things before, but not with the group that will be explained in the video. This blog is time crucial as when the YouTube video gets pulled (and it probably will) I’ll likely have to take down this article as it won’t say much.

I must warn you in advance this video is over 5 hours long and if you watch it all the way through you may not view the world in quite the same way as you do now. If you are comfortable in your Laodicean ways, as Christians, you maybe shouldn’t watch this video. Please do your own research as with anything out in social media. Just because I’ve posted it here, it doesn’t mean it’s all true and I believe it to be so, but if you are prepared and you notice things happening in the world that seem to follow some of what he’s saying you won’t be caught off-guard

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Hi I'm Gus. This blog was inspired by the Holy Spirit for both Christians and Non-Christians alike.

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