God Found me and brought me Home

I was blind, deaf and lost as darkness befell me, I prayed and God’s Love, the light of his glory found thee.

He found me wandering, stumbling and worried about life, He sent angels to surround me, protect me from my strife.

Depression engulfed me, like an unfolding curtain of death, when I prayed to God, he answered and gave me a reason to take a breath.

Through Grace I have been saved, with the blood of Jesus my spirit cleansed. Ripped from Satan’s grip, I was whisked away, no longer imprisoned.

As I was God’s child originally and to him, I give my Love and tribute, pulled from the Sin of Satan and his corruption he distributes.

Nowadays Love has many meanings on this earth, as it’s been sanitized, corrupted, disheartened and such, but God’s Love is forever as he is Love and he Love’s you so much.

So, life can be hard, can be short, can be sad, but I’d like to give you advice, bring God in your life and he will take all your burdens and protect you from vice.

Choose wisely and consider the time you have left, before the choice is made for you, as you’re in the Grave, bereft.

Published by Gus

I'm retired, always have to be doing something. Have been working on computers since about 1986...I guess that should be playing those days. Did a fair bit of desktop publishing in the 90's through the 2015's and finished off with web building. Took a few courses, built 5 or 6 small business sites in our town and did maintenance on them while working at my paper.

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