I Fell Again


I fell again and darkness surrounds me,
Sin’s scars strengthen me, calcified wounds some reopened,
ensnaring me, separating me from my Lord,
I’d pray for forgiveness with the understanding of what I’ve done,
and still I feel a deep remorse of solemnness as my heart aches for the lashes that Jesus took for my failures,
sadness instills in my heart the loneliness that Jesus felt when separated from his Father.
I know if I ask him to forgive me, He will forgive and forget about my sin,
but maybe I need to suffer a little and wallow with my sorrow within.

The separation is too agonizing as my Spirit wanes.
I need my closeness with God, I need back in the Light.
I know there will be many times where I’ll fall again,
hopefully not so painful as I feel inside.
I pray the Lord keeps me humble, not boastful and full of pride.
As I walk the narrow path to Him, with open arms, trembling hands
and a prayerful heart with his Love inside me.

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