Conspiracy Theory Time

Today I was thinking about debt and who owns all that we owe. Not just us, but large companies even to our countries, which payout billions of dollars for causes all over the world. You might say we owe it to banks, or to countries like the US that just print it as it as they need it. You cannot pull the money ‘out of thin air’ to pay your debts, someone must pay or lend that money for it to be there, whether it be in goods through trade or capital. I am nowhere near an expert of economics, but when you strain your brain (in my case) and “follow the money,” where does it lead? Could it be the richest of the rich, some do own a part of the World Bank along with member countries. The World Bank is under the umbrella of the United Nations and lends money to its members. But where does the actual “buck stop”? Is there one person, family, organization, or country that is pulling the strings? After seeing some news that came out of the World Economic Forum, I can see that there could be. Who has given them the power to dictate changes of the world for “climate change”? I do not know, our own countries. I remember Prime Minister Trudeau mentioning “the reset” during (I believe) one of his Covid speeches, which is one of WEF topics of change for the world. I know our country’s debt load is rising higher and higher with no limit in site. Do we leave it for our children to pay this huge debt? According to my understanding, the “Great Reset” will take care of our debts. At what cost? Oh yes, “You will own nothing and be happy.”  Look at the huge debt the US has. There has been talk of changing our monetary system to a centralized crypto currency which might make it easier to track money or keep track of our spending. There is a company that is using a new program that keeps track of each household “Carbon Footprint.” The Carbon Footprint program is tested in China, currently. These programs could go together with the “social credit program” where people receive awards for being model citizens. They are using that in China now.

So where does this all lead if it happens or is it just a “conspiracy theory” that I started with this blog? Could be, but if we busy ourselves and investigate it, or even worry about it, we are just wasting our time. Has our future has been determined already? God’s plan is revealed through the Prophets in His Word (the Bible). We certainly do not have to fear what is going to happen. God will protect his children.

To those of you who are not “Saved,” have you ever thought… what if it is true? What if there is Good and Evil, a Creator (God) and an evil being (Satan)? I mean it is easy to see that there is evil in this world, with all the wars and executions of innocents. Do you label it “evil,” or do you just say there will always be wars or will always be disturbed people killing others? Do you feel that you are too intelligent to Believe in God? Do you feel you do not need God? You did everything on your own and are quite comfortable with everything in your life. I can almost guarantee there will be a time in your life where you will have to make the choice between “good and evil.” You might have already made that choice, or your time is still coming. You may say, “I’m a good person,” but are you really? It is time to choose! If you do not choose and you die, you have made your choice.

Choose God. God is the only way. He is the only “Good” in this world and through believing in his son, Jesus Christ, you can become saved from the Sin of this world and have everlasting life. It is way better than having everlasting death, I would think. Once you have formed a relationship with God, his Son, and the Holy Spirit you will see this world from a whole different prospective. Satan controls the power and money of this world and is allowed to slowly reel in more minions full of greed and Sin to take over this world. In the not to-distant future, whether it be in my lifetime I cannot be sure, but with some prophecies fulfilled and many more that are getting closer to be fulfilled, you may have to make that choice now.

Published by Gus

Hi I'm Gus. This blog was inspired by the Holy Spirit for both Christians and Non-Christians alike.

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