Take the keys… Here are the keys to the whole planet!(A bit of a rant)

It seems a little too obvious what our “so called” democratic politicians are doing, at least to me. They are pouring billions of dollars into an unwinnable war for a distraction to all of us, so we do not see what they are doing behind closed doors. Food will be scarce, homes unaffordable, heat and power only affordable for the wealthiest…they need us to be in a situation most dire, like the 1930’s. Keep us poor for better control. The antichrist does not need to come, our so-called leaders will hand the world directly over to Satan. No other go-between needed. The WEF, do not get me started… we are being played, following their playbook exactly. Covid showed them how easily it could be done. Climate change, yes right… things change, the climate changes. Sure, we should clean up the planet, and try and get it back to where it was when we came into this world.

Thank God I belong to Him, it just drives me crazy when I see a blatant disregard to poor the neediest, so politicians can get enriched with worldly riches. Unfortunately, their resurrection might be a little warm.

Published by Gus

Hi I'm Gus. This blog was inspired by the Holy Spirit for both Christians and Non-Christians alike.

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