About Me

Gus Michael
Hi I’m Gus, I’m retired…grew the beard to make up for what I lost on my head, lol. After living 52 years in BC I moved to Alberta for the 2nd time in my life. The 1st time I was 8 months old and left when I was around 6 years old for the states.

Lived an interesting life, although I moved around a lot when I was younger…speaking of which, I guess I did that when I got older also. I’m not going into my life story, I don’t want to put you to sleep. It took two tries to find the right woman in my life and we’ve been together 28 years (I hope) as of writing this. lol I’ve owned a few small businesses, tried and failed and tried again and even though I’ve retired I’m not quitting. I’m just not going to be doing so much for myself.
I found Christ in the 70’s and I lost him for a long while, then I found him again in the late 80’s, but was luke warm and lost him again…thank goodness he’s very patient with me because I found him again and we’re very close. I still have my struggles, like most Christians, especially when I’m not patient enough.

This is my disclaimer of sorts…I’m not a minister of any church organization, nor do I belong, at this time, to any Christian Church, or Church of any kind (had to put that in there just in case some thought the later) this information is purely my own experiences and if you find it useful, all the better. I do like going to church for the fellowship and have been to many, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not against going to church, I just attend different churches online.

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