Who owns the patent on Covid-19?

It’s amazing how fast that a vaccine was produced for Covid-19 when there still isn’t one for Cancer, but then Cancer isn’t a virus that spreads person to person. We will probably find that this vaccine will only work for Covid-19 and the new variety found in the UK will likely require a different vaccine,Continue reading “Who owns the patent on Covid-19?”

Attending Church doesn’t make you a Christian

Attending church to show your neighbour that you are a good person does not win points with the Lord, nor does it help you build that important relationship with Him. Even if you thought you were a good person, were kind to people and tried to help people when you could.I must tell you, fromContinue reading “Attending Church doesn’t make you a Christian”

What happens when we Die?

Different churches believe different things about what happens to our Spirit when our body dies. Some churches believe upon death that our soul enters purgatory until such time as it’s purified of sin, others believe that our soul sleeps until Jesus comes and still others believe that our soul ascends to heaven, as Jesus’ did.Continue reading “What happens when we Die?”

Some Babies, Children and Adults are being Freed from Pedophile Rings…

Some Babies, Children and Adults are being freed from pedophile rings, but that’s just scraping the surface. We may think, those are just people from poorer countries, their parents sold their kids for drugs or something, well that’s too bad for them. In 2018, 42,000 children were reported missing in Canada. Most of those casesContinue reading “Some Babies, Children and Adults are being Freed from Pedophile Rings…”